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LAF Round 2 Epilogue
The pair came to a halt downstairs when they saw the hundreds of corvids perched everywhere there was space available.
       "Are you really okay?"
Cricket nodded, his head filling cleared of the thief's taint. "....Monty, what's up with all the birds?"
He opened his mouth to reply, but as they got to the lobby, a book flung at their feet. It spelt out the words, "Schrödinger's cat".
       "Leaving so soon?"
An ominous looking figure hovering by the front desk. It was the thief, who'd used his shapeshifting abilities to inhabit the form of a Caucasian Shepherd. Monty flinched, instantly reminded of the hounds he'd joined the game to avoid encountering.  
"I'd been meaning to explain why I didn't let you die."
"Ah, a favorite of mine, Schrödinger's Cat.
Yes, there is more reasoning to my choice than that.
It's a thought process, with the dependency of a single event
A cat placed in an impenetrable box together with a flask of poison, and radioactive source.
There's one preferab
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 10
LAF Round 2 Pg 13
       " This is my fault. Shouldn't have chased that bird."
Foxface didn't know what to tell him. It definitely wasn't his fault. However, she felt it'd be an empty sentiment to say aloud. The thief was the only one to blame here, right? Speaking of the devil...
       "Don't despair," he called down from the rafters in the form of a raven. "I did as you asked; made it fair. I stole this entire library just for you. Put it in a room not yet occupied, so don't look blue! There's plenty to eat here, for both the body and the mind. Or lest their fates I yet again remind? " He'd constantly been making sick comments of who would come out of the trap alive… which dead, purposely trying to trigger a reaction from them both. Well, it wasn't going to work.
She stood up and walked towards the library, tail curled between her legs. She was tired of hearing the thief. Hesitating between the gaping door-frames to the study, she looked back at Monty.
      "Do you really want to stay in here
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 5
LAF Round 2 Pg 12
One of them was going to die? …that's it?! That was the thief's game all along?
That horrifying sentence settled like sandpaper, rough against his face. In this tiny room, which was large in scale to him, but claustrophobic to his new companion… or regard Lava Dog as an opponent? It'd have been pitch dark, but Lava Dog's tongue lit the room, cascading it in a yellow glow with blue-black shadows. They stared at each other, wordlessly pleading for the other to somehow find a way to prolong the inevitable.
Until finally, Lava Dog whipped his tail against the ceiling, Cricket didn't even acknowledge the act, he'd tried it several times already but it did nothing but fill the room with excess noise.  They'd tried to come in terms with what the loopholes might be, but the thought was eating at their nerves. These loopholes likely didn't exist. They'd tried to speak about family… the people who they missed, but only felt more anxious. Lava Dog hit the ceiling again, this time repeati
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 4
LAF Round 2 Pg 11
The thief swiped a paw across his muzzle, licking it a few times before setting it down again. "Or in this case, I wonder which cat is alive and which is dead?" he snickered at his private joke, only causing further misunderstanding and annoyance. The hell was he going on about? Dead? He couldn't have-
       "What did you do?" Monty asked, almost hesitantly, his fear of Cricket's safety overcoming his fear of the thief.  "Where are they?"
Ignoring his questions, the serval crouched down, shoulders bobbing meticulously before he sprang. Gracefully, the thief soared over their heads, landing firmly on his front paws. Monty ducked just in time, but miscalculated the placement of his feet and tumbled on his side.
       "Quit this shit already!" Monty demanded, getting to his feet indignantly. The fur along his spine and back bristled. "What's going on?"
       "Lighten up, you ungrateful pup!" the thief said, extending an unsheathed claw in his direction. Mid-speak
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 6
LAF Round 2 Pg 10
        "No need to be dramatic. Nonetheless, you are correct in your assumptions, though they are quite erratic. Yes, you're opponents, a fight that idealistically I find quite amusing. No, before you ask, there will be no refusing. Unless you want to forfeit the right to get back what I "found", the sparks shall be flying this round."
The room became still, with the exception of the lurid calls coming from the thief's corvid. Sparkplug landed on Foxface's nose, gesturing fearfully at the bird. It peered down at them from the beams with interest that didn't come close to waning.
       "Don't worry, Blinky. I won't let it eat you." Once reassured the firefly, he crawled to her forehead and wrapped himself amongst the thin strands of hair.
Of course the thief was here. Foxface scowled out from behind her friends. No matter how much diligent care she'd undertake to avoid his traps, he'd still manage to outfox everyone in this miserable hotel. The thief had complete control her
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 6
LAF Round 2 Pg 9
After thirty minutes of searching, the entire shelf's content now lay cluttered all over the floor. They'd discussed their rounds, easily impressing each other by their victories…up until now they'd won each by luck (in the form of assistance from their respective companions). Each didn't feel it necessary to exchange what the thief stole. It was irrelevant at the current moment, and they were just enjoying each other's company.
       "Maybe long-neck should share one next?" Lava Dog grinned, chest flat against the ground in a playful gesture.
       "I would… if I could remember one," Monty huffed, munching on a page once belonging in an encyclopedia. "'sides, I'm starved!"
       "What a spoilsport!"
Cricket piped up, leaping to the ground from one of the shelves. "How about I tell one?"
       "Nah, I got a better idea, small fry. It's my turn to talk."
Dejectedly, Cricket lowered his ears. "Aww, but I thought-"
Foxface regarded the kid with a sympathetic look. "Best to keep him oc
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 6
LAF Round 2 Pg 8
      "What're you doing in here, anyway?" his pacing slowed as they neared the back, the high-stacked shelves of books towering over them. How were they going to find anything? This place was huge.
She shrugged, falling back to match his stride. "I was just checking something out."
       "Any luck?"
       "Not really, no."
       "That sucks, Foxyface."
       "No need to tell me that," she started down a specific aisle surrounded my two rows of bookshelves, only to stop mid-turn. "Did you hear something?"
He paused for a moment. At the back of the two shelves that were parallel to each other, just before the wall, was a daunting-sized stack of books off the shelf and scattered on the floor. In their silence, he thought he could just make out the sound of something scuffling about underneath the stack. "Is that-"
She shushed him, body stiff for a few seconds before slowly; with painstaking precision, moving towards the wall. Her ears perked, following the tiny sounds enthusi
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 8
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